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The more you give, the better your leads get qualified | Mathias Thulin, GetAccept

Evolving from a sales-led company to a mixed model with tailored customer journeys.

👋 Hi, this is Vincent from Growth Machines. After a one-month break the podcast is back with a fresh second season of episodes. The focus remains on how Sales Led companies can start working with Product-Led Growth.

This week I’m talking with Mathias Thulin from GetAccept about how they successfully combine the different motions and how the model evolved over time. Find the episode on your favorite podcast channel at this link or read on below for more details.


“The more you give, the better your leads get qualified” – Mathias Thulin

On this episode of the Growth Machines podcast I speak with Mathias Thulin from GetAccept. He shares how they developed the Go-to-Market model for GetAccept going from sales-led to freemium and now a combination of sales-led and free trial.

As of today combines a free trial, an interactive product tour, and a book-a-demo option in an intuitive way. Depending on the customer profile, one or more of these options will be emphasized during the customer journey.

One of the things that was a big topic at GetAccept was ungating the content on the website. Mathias talks about this experience and how they learned that the more they gave away, the higher their pipeline's quality became.

Mathias highlights the importance of understanding the maturity of your category when considering Product-Led Growth. If people don’t understand your product, they might hesitate to sign up for it. 

Similarly, we talk about the importance of the decision-making process: can your customer actually start using the product? In the case of GetAccept the adoption is almost always a top down decision, which is more challenging for product-led customer acquisition. 

Regardless, Mathias advocates a product-first mindset, even if PLG is not the primary growth motion. He emphasizes that thinking product-first results in a better onboarding and software product altogether, which also helps other Go-to-Market metrics like sales conversions and retention.

00:00 Mathias Thulin's Background and GetAccept Overview

01:31 Inbound vs. Outbound Sales

04:26 Challenges and Learnings in Sales Strategies

05:42 Inbound Marketing Tactics

07:11 Free Trials and Customer Qualification

09:49 Combining Product-Led Growth with Sales Teams

12:24 Experimentation and Adaptation

16:25 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

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👋 Vincent

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