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How Userpilot Balances Product-Led and Sales-Assisted Growth | Yazan Sehwail, Userpilot

From mastering one single feature and user journey to selling a full suite of products.

👋 Hi, this is Vincent from Growth Machines. This week I’m talking with Yazan Sehwail, CEO and Co-Founder of Userpilot, about how they expanded their product-led approach to include sales-driven elements. Find the episode on your favorite podcast channel at this link or continue below for more details.

“It's no longer ‘we have this new feature, come everybody see it!’. No, we wait for the right moment for the right user to present it to them." – Yazan Sehwail

In this episode of the Growth Machines podcast, Vincent Jong talks with Yazan Sehwail, co-founder of Userpilot, about integrating product-led strategies with human touch for optimal sales and expansion. 

Yazan shares Userpilot’s journey from focusing on one feature to managing complex product offerings, highlighting their approach to balancing free trials and demo CTAs based on the type of customer and their needs. 

He discusses the dynamics between product-led motions and sales teams, emphasizing the importance of tracking user engagement and experimental approaches to post-activation feature adoption. 

Yazan also speaks on the future of personalized user experiences powered by AI and hints at trends observed within Userpilot’s customer base.

00:53 The Evolution of Userpilot's GTM Strategy

02:59 Balancing Self-Serve and Sales Models

06:27 Managing Sales Team Dynamics

10:14 Strategies for Expansion Revenue

13:54 Trends in In-Product Experiences

16:57 Future of Personalization with AI

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👋 Vincent

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