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Finding the right moment to activate the sales team | Susann Johansen, Oneflow

How Oneflow adopted PLG and fine-tuned their approach based on customer segment and region.

👋 Hi, this is Vincent from Growth Machines. This week I’m talking with Susann Johansen, Growth leader at Oneflow, about her experiences introducing PLG in a sales-led business. Find the episode on your favorite podcast channel at this link or continue below for more details.

“It was unexpected for our sales team when a self-serve, high potential customer did all the activation and was so ready to take that call." – Susann Johansen

In this episode of the Growth Machines podcast, I speak with Susann Johansen, Head of Growth and User Experience at OneFlow, about how they introduced Product-Led Growth at Oneflow, a traditionally sales-led company.

Susans shares the evolution of OneFlow's go-to-market strategy, the challenges of implementing a freemium model, and the nuances of segmenting and scoring product-qualified leads (PQLs).

She also highlights the collaborative efforts between product, marketing, and sales teams to align on the right timing and approach for customer outreach.

Our conversation covers the varying success of PLG across different regions and the interplay of PLG with traditional sales in complex B2B purchasing processes.

00:00 Susann's Background and OneFlow Overview

01:00 Transition from Sales-Led to Product-Led Growth

02:03 Challenges and Strategies in Implementing PLG

04:48 Segmentation and PQL Scoring

07:13 Sales and Product Collaboration

10:08 Country-Specific PLG Effectiveness

14:08 Unexpected Successes and Final Thoughts

16:04 Conclusion and Contact Information

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👋 Vincent

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