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Secrets to Success from Leadfeeder's Growth Model | Pekka Koskinen

How Leadfeeder developed a Product-Led Sales motion long before PLG became a buzzword.

👋 Hi, this is Vincent with a new edition of the Growth Machines newsletter. This week includes another interview related to my book about Product-Led Sales. If you enjoy the newsletter, please consider sharing it with your growth friends!


In the third episode of the Growth Machines podcast, I talk with Pekka Koskinen, Co-Founder of Leadfeeder (nowadays part of Dealfront). He explains how they developed a successful Product-Led Sales model long before PLG became a buzzword.

Leadfeeder was founded in 2012 when Pekka and his co-founders hit a wall with traditional sales methods in their previous company. Right out of the gate, they embraced a Product-Led Growth model for Leadfeeder, drawing inspiration from successful American companies like HubSpot.

They offered a free trial, focused on making users happy, and went the unconventional way of prioritizing product usage over immediate profits. Pekka stresses the importance of nailing the basics and staying focused on the product metrics, which paved the way for Leadfeeder's success.

[00:00] Introduction

[02:49] The Power of Free Trials and Feedback

[03:52] The Role of Analytics and Support

[06:55] An Unconventional Approach to Outbound

[13:24] Knowing When to Give Up on a Sale

[15:44] Key Roles in the Growth Journey

[17:33] Advice When Building a Business

[18:12] Conclusion and Upcoming Book Announcement

This interview is part of my book about Product-Led Sales which will come out soon.

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