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Pricing challenges in PLG | Kyle Poyar

How to navigate the challenges around pricing and packaging when introducing Product-Led Growth.

👋 Hi, this is Vincent with a big update for Product Pepper — I’m rebranding it the newsletter Growth Machines. As the focus is on using the product for growth and Go-to-Market, the title Product Pepper felt limiting. So new name, new colors, but the same content :) This week with a new episode where I speak with Kyle Poyar on pricing challenges in PLG. Enjoy!

In the second episode of the Growth Machines podcast, I talk with Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner at Openview and writer of the Growth Unhinged newsletter. We talk about what to do when you have a pricing model in place for a sales motion and are considering to introduce PLG.

Pricing and packaging can be an enabler or blocker when thinking about product-led approaches. Kyle talks about the different challenges this can present. He includes suggestions how to gradually introduce the product-led elements and points out common pitfalls to watch out for. At the end, we cover some trends and other observations of what’s happening in the market.

[02:32] Barriers to adopting Product-Led Growth

[06:31] Strategies for transitioning to Product-Led Growth

[11:07] Using PLG to create shared incentives across Go-to-Market teams

[13:07] Which companies aren’t the best fit for Product-Led Growth?

[17:10] Current market developments around Product-Led Growth

[22:32] A common mistake when going from PLG to enterprise

[25:02] Moving beyond user journey automation in PLG

This interview is part of a series that will go into my book about Product-Led Sales.

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Thanks for tuning in and have a great rest of your week!

👋 Vincent

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