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Introducing a self serve plan at Amplitude | Franciska Dethlefsen

A behind the scenes look into how Amplitude built the confidence that the product could also sell itself.

👋 Hi, this is Vincent with an updated format for Product Pepper. As announced in my 2023 review, I moved to a slightly lower frequency (every 2 weeks) to deliver higher quality content. Today I’m launching a first podcast season, where I interview leading operators and thought leaders about Product-Led Sales. The interviews are part of my upcoming book, more info on that here. Let me know what you think!

In this first episode of the Product Pepper podcast, I talk with Franciska Dethlefsen, the Head of Growth Marketing at Amplitude. We discuss the recent experiences they’ve had launching the Plus plan, a new self serve option for Amplitude. 

We focus on how companies can successfully transition to a product-led strategy if they are doing sales today. Franciska shares insights about the process of building internal support for this approach, ensuring the product is actually ready to sell when the switch is made, and the importance of customer education in retaining clients. 

She also highlights the potential challenges and opportunities presented by this transition, such as customer churn, while also maximizing revenue opportunities.

[00:18] Meet Franciska Dethlefsen

[00:57] The Journey to Self-Serve at Amplitude

[06:45] The Evolution of the Self-Serve Plan

[10:26] Addressing Concerns and Building Confidence

[17:57] The Impact of the Plus Plan Launch

[21:22] Lessons Learned and Future Opportunities

[25:27] Closing Remarks and Preview of Next Episode

This interview is part of a series that will go into my book about Product-Led Sales. Click here for more info on the book and to get early access.

Looking for article recommendations? Unfortunately I’ve decided to stop sharing those. More and more authors were putting their articles behind a paywall so it didn’t feel like a good experience to keep sending you there. I’m working on some other ideas though to provide you with a variety of views. More on that soon!

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