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Welcome to Growth Machines by Vincent Jong, VP of Product at Dealfront. I’m also the author of the book Product-Led Sales.

Growth Machines guides Product Managers at B2B companies on how to have an impact on the company’s Go-to-Market. Especially for companies with a sales team in place, the Product is often an overlooked lever for growth. Growth Machines equips PMs with the skills and tools they need to change this.

About me 👋

I’m the VP of Product at Dealfront, we offer a number of software applications and data for Go-to-Market teams at B2B companies.

Dealfront was created out of the merger of a product-led company (Leadfeeder) and a traditional sales company (Echobot). Combining the two companies and growth motions gave me a unique experience and perspective on the dynamics between PLG and sales.

Before this I have been a founder / CEO for a product-led sales tech company FunnelFox for 8 years. And a Product Director at Zoominfo for their enterprise products. Early on in my career I’ve also had sales roles for 5+ years. Through all these roles I have worked with over 200 sales and marketing teams.

This has given me a unique view of the Go-to-Market model for B2B companies and the role the product can play in this. And there has never been a better time to look into this than now.

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Author of "Product-Led Sales". VP Product at Dealfront and founder of Growth Machines and Connected Product. 12+ years in Go To Market SaaS. For more info: